theatrical projects

A significant portion of my creative output goes into theatrical projects. What started out as a few story telling pieces for chamber ensemble and narrator has blossomed into full on productions. So far, my collaborations have been exclusively through OperaFeHk.

OperaFeHk’s Absolute Most Fun Show To Go To

The tall tale of the show is that the collective’s chief protagonist, a house with hippopotamus legs, has been cast singing the lead role in my new opera. During the overture, the conductor makes a series of unholy changes to the score: the flute is replaced with a whistle, the viola is replaced with a banjo, and the oboe is replaced by a whoopie cushion…

An OperaFeHkin’ Christmas

The House with Hippopotamus Legs visits Shandi Tackaleer on a chilly November evening in anticipation of this most highly-commercialized of holiday seasons…