An OperaFeHkin’ Christmas


The House with Hippopotamus Legs visits Shandi Tackaleer on a chilly November evening in anticipation of this most highly-commercialized of holiday seasons. When the nefarious and gregarious Baron Von Tone shows up, a sad display of competitive egg-nog chugging takes a turn for the worst.

Bear witness to the dismantling of various Christmas tropes with the witless cretins of OperaFeHk.

My manic and backwards-upside-down Christmas themed chamber opera.

OperaFeHk’s prima heroine, the House With Hippopotamus Legs, visits a friend on Christmas Eve and declares her desire to have a guitar for Christmas. This is met with much scoffing as the cast tries to convince her to play something more civilized (Clarinet? Bass?).

Meanwhile, the nefarious Baron Von Tone has hatched  a plan to catch the Hippo House by promoting her to the royal court – gentrifying her – and turning her into a luxury condo on Beach Avenue. The Baron’s scheme is disrupted when the cast circulates a petition in the audience declaring that she be kept in her original state.