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Mixed Voice Choral

Mother Goose’s Melody

Commissioned by the Vancouver Chamber Choir in 2013.

Duration approximately 6’00.

Mother Goose’s Melody is comprised of three short movements that are each a setting of a different nursery rhyme:

The Alphabet

Commissioned by the Laudate Singers in 2015.

Duration approximately 3’00.

This setting of the Alphabet is as much like the iconic children’s tune as a feather floating in the breeze is like a stack of cinderblocks falling through a skylight. Completely irreverent, whimsical, and funky beautiful.

in paradisum

Duration approximately 6’00.

From what I can tell, I’ve definitely written a finite number of works and of those finite works this piece has some of my absolute most favorite musical moments of gnarly grinding chords giving way to sonic caramel.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Commissioned by the Laudate Singers in 2015.
Duration approximately 4’30.

A credible source for the origins of the poem, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is a 19th century book by Jane and Ann Taylor called, “Songs For The Nursery”. The complete poem, at five stanzas, can be interpreted as an expression of thankfulness…

Where Everything Is Music

Duration approximately 6’30.

One of my first choral pieces was a setting of this gorgeous poem by Rumi. I love it to death. It has a very free harmonic language that, to this day, I look back on and become somewhat mystified at myself.

Bye Bye Blackbird

Duration approximately 4’00.

Published by Silent Dawn Publishing.

Text by Alison B. Murray

Where The Moon Goes

Commissioned by The Laudate Singers in 2016.

Duration approximately 5’00.

For SATB choir, cello, and harp.

The Everlasting Voices

Commissioned by The Laudate Singers in 2016.

Duration approximately 5’00.

For SATB choir.

Fierce Green

Commissioned by The Vancouver Peace Choir in 2017

Duration approximately 5’00.

For SATB choir.

Text by Denise Cammiade

Alouette Meets Her Maker

The Alouette I was the first Canadian satellite and was launched on September 26th, 1962. The launch made Canada the third nation, after the USSR and the United States, to design and construct its own satellite and cemented Canada’s reputation as a space-faring nation. Alouette`s mission lasted for 10 years before she was deliberately switched […]

Treble Voice Choral

A Cruel Circumstance

Duration approximately 5’00.

Text by Alison Murray

Chamber Ensemble

A Perfect Focus

For flute, clarinet, cello, and piano.
Duration approximately 15’00.

My first work for chamber ensemble turned out to be an ambitious piece performed by the indomitable Nu:BC ensemble; wild colors and a tall structure breaking out over bedlam and then a sumptuous denouement.

Loonie Tunes

For flute, oboe, clarinet, and viola.
Duration approximately 3’00.

A friend of mine approached me and asked me to write something for her bizarre chamber music collective. I replied that I would be absolutely happy to and that, as inspiration for the piece, I’d like each member to pick a favourite cartoon character from their childhood.

I then proceeded to make each movement be about one of these cartoon characters suffering some sort of elaborate and grim demise.

Patrick Stewart Bakes A Cake

For string quartet (2 violins, viola, and cello).

Duration approximately 7’00.

Regal, joyful, boisterous, sentimental, beautiful, sensual, hilarious, and inclusive; the title of this piece isn’t REALLY meant to sonically narrate the famous actor baking a cake – though it certainly could I suppose – I was more interested in the feeling I would associate with such a baker caper, how it makes me smile, and how this piece does much the same.

The Tragic Nature Of Being Ugly

For flute, oboe, clarinet, trombone, viola, bass, and narrator.

Commissioned by OperaFeHk in 2012.

Duration approximately 12’00.

This piece was born out of true happenstance: Once upon a time, while drooling through one of my theory classes, a friend of mine engaged me in a story writing game…

Chamber Solo

Around The Fire, After The Dance

For high voice and piano.
Duration approximately 3’00.

My first piece of written down music – it should deserve a special honour but I don’t know what that would be save to say that this piece remains one of my favourite little gems from my catalogue.

Jazz Surgery

For clarinet and piano.
Duration approximately 5’00.

I love that a title can set up the audiences expectations in a way that makes smashing them into smithereens more rewarding. There is a flavor of blue and comedy about this piece but it retires unexpectedly into something serene.

The Trombone Is Not A Vacuum Cleaner

For tenor trombone and piano.
Duration approximately 5’00.

A flippant title, but the idea of the piece is to replace the undeserved comedy of our beloved slide instrument with something sexy and somber.

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