Murderous Melodies

For flute, oboe, clarinet, and viola.

Duration approximately 3’00.

A friend of mine approached me and asked me to write something for her bizarre chamber music collective. I replied that I would be absolutely happy to and that, as inspiration for the piece, I’d like each member to pick a favourite cartoon character from their childhood.

I then proceeded to make each movement be about one of these cartoon characters suffering some sort of elaborate and grim demise.

UPDATE: Pandemic 2021

This piece was later given some grisly theatrical flair with some shadow puppetry by The Untitled Ensemble.


I – Clucky In A Bag In The Back Of A Truck
II – Elmer Fudd Massacre At The Bunny Family Picnic
III – Tink Drinks The Water And Quickly Regrets It
IV – Eyore’s Final Descent

V – The Little Engine That Just Fucking Could Not