On AI Generated Art

Ludwig Van finally got around to asking me to write for them and I penned a piece about how human and AI creativity intersect:


The idea for the article didn’t just explode intrusively into my thoughts. It had been brooding for a while.

Something happened to me a few years ago where I started caring less about the final “art product” I was producing when I wrote music and cared more about just enjoying the process.

It had something to do with how I account for the value in what I do and the trust I was learning to place in myself and my own judgement.

Random digressions aside, I think the main point of the piece is that we are perceiving creativity through the wrong end of the telescope if we’re only able to fixate on the legality of what artificial intelligence does in our creative space. I think that we’re missing the forest for the trees if we’re only worried about the legal ownership of AI created works.

The value of being creative is not to be found in what you make, it’s to be found in what you do.