We Came, We Shot, We Laughed and Had Cake

Our video shoot is now two weeks old and I feel like it was a lifetime ago. In case your scroll button is stuck in a reclined position, I should let you know that I recently embarked on an epic effort to produce a music video for my string quartet, Patrick Stewart Bakes A Cake.

The Vandelé Quartet is Louise Lee & Zoë Robertson, violins; Genevieve MacKay, viola; and Bryan Deans, cello. It seems like only yesteryear they read through the piece for the first time in my living room. As it usually happens, if you let enthusiasm run rampant (And mix it with a pinch of ambition and discipline) things tend to escalate before your very eyes.



Effacing what might have been a pretty straightforward and conventional day of shooting are Percival and Penny VonKrapp. When Percy and Penny come to dinner it’s not so much a question of if there is enough food to eat but rather how quickly the host can evacuate the rest of their guests.



I counted myself lucky to have the talented cinematographer, Kale Beaudry working with me on this project. I have lots of ideas for how things should look and how they can happen but what I needed most was a guiding hand to show me what works and what is pure lunacy but also works.

We were mostly after the latter.

But really, the piece is about a culinary confection. What happens to our penultimate pastry? A delicious denouement? Mayhem? Expanding waistbands?

Follow this space to find out!


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