Choral Music Cycle Path

In the summer a young man’s fancy turns to bicycles, choral music, and attempts to suppress coughing fits that resemble violent convulsions. To honor this sacred ritual, I dashingly (Some might say handsomely) cycled the eighty-or-so blocks to Ryerson United Church for The Vancouver Peace Choir’s spring concert. Given that I rode this same route last weekend to hear Pro Coro – and that I’ve ridden it numerous times to hear the Vancouver Chamber Choir – I thought that as a service to Vancouver’s choral community, I would humbly submit this bike route for maximum enjoyment of our art form.






Our trip begins at the epicenter of Vancouver’s craft beer district and proceeds south along Commercial Drive. A speedy exit is necessary as the local saying, “Where are we going? And why are we going there when they serve better beer here?” will completely derail any exit.



Who likes door prizes? Remember, you’re a cyclist. Your love of door prizes is now only rivaled by your love of having real teeth. Turn down tenth if you love solid food!


Not yet inhibited by your legs turning into molasses, you’re probably wondering at this point why you didn’t just listen to the chap in your party who made the excellent point about staying where the beer was being served. A left turn off tenth on to Arbutus is a temporary distraction. Also, you are probably hungry.


Such trickery! A quick feint to the left putting you on King Edward and then a full on right hook on to Angus Drive is the powerhouse combination that turns this bike trip from an amateur hour frozen soup sculpture into a work of art that rivals the proper use of semi-colons.


Forty sweaty minutes later – Ryerson!