Belated, yet elated, Thank-Yooze!

I’m sitting at my living room table with the door open with some coffee on the stove and my primary concern is if I have Carolan’s in my cupboard to make this mid day moment extra memorable.

A lot of stuff happened since September, and while some of it isn’t topically relevant to this blog, it is sufficient to mention that it is essential to the continuing conquest of music making that is my life. As for the best of the rest: OperaFeHk, The Vancouver Peace Choir, and The Laudate Singers. I am forever indebted to them as their efforts are the bedrock upon which I get to lay my path onwards and (hopefully) upwards. Thank-yooze seem to me to be insufficient so I hope there is something for them in seeing my excited fists pump my own drum roll when something amazing happens.

What an awesome season of music…. can’t wait for the next one!