Vancouver Symphony – New Music Festival – A Preamble



Billed in some circles as the “Uprising Of The Violas”, the Vancouver Symphony New Music Festival is happening this weekend.

It’s extremely exciting to be able to attend a concert made up entirely of music written by people who haven’t quite gotten around to dying yet; especially when it’s something on the scale of an orchestral concert. There is, unfortunately, a rather complex resistance to the performance of contemporary music in the classical world who’s scope is beyond that of this blog post. The positive note is that it’s slowly eroding as time goes by and events like this one by the VSO are an important part of that process.

Even more important than the work of the arts organization itself is the filling of seats in their hall with butts attached to warm bodies.  If you have a butt, you should buy it a ticket and use it to tickle your favorite listening orifice.

Your butt will thank you for the favour. It cares if you listen.

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