Im Wunderschönen Monat April

Here we are once again preparing for spring concerts.  Often at this time of year I’m in a state of near-hysterics as I furiously  revise and mail, mail and revise, revise and mail and re-revise before re-mailing.  This year is different somehow.  When I go to clutch my skull in frustration I find that not only am I lacking in frustration but I no longer have large clumps of hair suspiciously similar to my own in my hands.  It’s good.

Let’s break it down.

I’ll be doing an interview/roundtable discussion tomorrow on CITR‘s radio show “The Rib” at 4pm.

Friday the 9th will find me/us hearing the Nu:BC ensemble perform a revised version of “A Perfect Focus” for cello/clarinet/piano/flute.

Saturday the 10th is Savage Parade, a recital put together by SongDrama.

On Sunday the 11th, Paolo Bartolussi and Rachel Iwaasa are workshopping BlisterCuffs which I clamored about in a previous blog entry.

Last but certainly not least is a performance on May 2nd of A Cruel Circumstance by a collective of Eva’s devising.

….and then in May I leave for Hungary to sun myself in a cafe in Budapest.

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