Duck Fat Enema

The worst food I’ve ever eaten wasn’t something that tasted bad.  It smelled good, it looked good, and most importantly: I could make it FAST and CHEAP.  Little did I know that I hadn’t anything similar to an accurate representation of ‘good‘ in mind when I was doling out adjectives.  At the time, the important thing was to satisfy a student-sized appetite as quickly as possible so that I could get back to work.  I also hungered for that feeling of fullness and contentment that comes with an epic spread.   The only way to accomplish this on a student’s budget is to lower the quality towards forced-gag-reflex-inducing levels  until you’re out of the red.

By contrast, the best food I’ve ever eaten was probably something I ate only once.  I still had the feeling of fullness but I didn’t hunger for that feeling as much as I hungered for the hunger itself: Hungering for hunger.  I’ll probably get into THAT concept another time.  Once I had that bar set for me and I realized how deep the rabbit hole went it gave me some perspective and I started making little changes to the worst food I’ve ever eaten.  Before long the worst food I’d ever eaten became the most non-descript food I’d ever eaten with all the unlimited potential of creativity splashed on the table around it like so many dollops of no-name tomato sauce.

If you’re now wondering what a music blog is doing talking about food, then you’re doing it wrong.

For some perspective, take this fantastic performance of the final movement of Arvo Part’s Berlin Mass.

Like a duck fat enema, it’s rich and filling.

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